When Will We Get a "True" Conservative Government?

The Big Blue Tent: Are We All Comfy?


What does that mean to you?

It's a problem that you don't grapple with much when you are in opposition or in a minority government, because your choices are pretty limited in terms of what you actually have to deliver.

However, win a majority government, and it starts to become a problem. Because now, you CAN do pretty much whatever you want, and the people that vote for you know it. So you start to feel pressure to respond to your constituency.

And this becomes a problem, even for the relatively narrowly focused conservative tent, as compared, for example, to the Liberals, and the NDP who now have to answer to their separatist block (bloc?)


Imagine MY consern when this libertarian and "conservative" voter, as in "government should do LESS not more", decides they need to rename our military to re-align with the Monarchy.

Of all the things we need government to do, changing the name of the military back to "Royal" is about, oh, last on the list.

But here we go anyway.

Canadians are still struggling to restore their standard of living in a slowly improving economy, our national debt continues to mount, and, yet, the priority of our government appears to be spending money, not saving it.

We catch wind that Tony Clement was feathering his constituency nest on the taxpayer dime.

We have the drive to "law and order" even as we learn that the current system is working just fine, thank-you.

What we don't have?

A move to show any effort to truly reduce the scope of government in our lives.

Now - don't get me wrong - as Barack Obama is so fond of saying these days, Stephen Harper inherited quite the mess, which he couldn't do a whole lot with under a minority government.. but we don't get anywhere by expecting less of our leaders.

I want to know more about Tony Clement's spending of my tax dollars, I want the government to abandon further ideological stupidity like efforts to rename our military, and I want our government to make some real effort to reduce government and government spending.

And building more jails and encouraging greater litigation expense by employing manditory minimum sentences isn't cutting it.  It's not going to make us safer and it's going to increase government spending.


Let's see what you do with your majority, Mr. Harper.

Those who voted for you who are not mindless ideologues are watching and do not see your party as the only voting choice they have.