A Rare Apology from the MSM

Apologies are a rare occurrence when it comes to the mainstream media but Global news has admitted a mistake and has apologized.   for wrongly suggesting that Conservative MP Shelly Glover's comments about former Liberal MP Anita Neville being "passed her expiry date."  Global initially insinuated Shelly's comment meant she thought Anita Neville was too old.
An important clarification and apology regarding a story we first reported on this program on Monday, March 28th. The report centered on excerpts from an interview with Shelly Glover, Conservative M-P fir St. Boniface. During the interview, Mrs. Glover commented on then Liberal MP, Anita Neville's performance, saying she had "passed her expiry date."
In our story, we inaccurately suggested that Mrs. Glover's comments meant she thought Ms. Neville was too old for the job when Mrs. Glover never made any comments related to age.
A review of the complete interview transcript supports Mrs. Glover's assertion that she was reffering only to Neville's performance in Parliament on behalf of her constituents.
Our story, which ran during the federal election campaign, resulted in some harsh criticism for Mrs. Glover, which was unjustified. Global News Acknowledges that in this case, proper journalistic checks and balances were not adequately followed and that Mrs. Glover's quotes were taken out of context.
  Even though the apology was a bit late at least acknowledged it and decided to issue one.  Kudos to them!

Maybe CBC and CTV should take note.  I'm still waiting for an apology from Robert Fife for calling conservatives "knuckle draggers."