Calgary Greenpeace Protesters: "Why don't we get to do whatever we want?"

There is a word for people who seek to impose their views
on others while ignoring laws and democratic principals..


Greenpeace and their lawyer are upset that their "peaceful" protesters who climbed out on the Calgary Tower to hang a protest banner didn't get a discharge.

Judge Allan Franscham fined them each $2,300, and, more importantly, left them with a criminal record (good luck going to the U.S. anytime soon!)


$2,300 fine - and they are complaining. 

According to the Globe and Mail:

“We’re definitely disappointed that the court would prosecute individuals that are courageous enough to stand up to this government, that are courageous enough to stand up to these tar sands giants that are actively destroying our environment,” said Mike Hudema, who oversees the organization’s climate and energy campaigns.
“I think it’s important to remember that this was a peaceful activity.”
Thibault Rehn, 29, and Isabelle Charlebois, 25, of Montreal; Adela Sculean, 26; Zane Trevor Lewis, 36; and Steven Erich Anderson, 30, of Edmonton; Jeffrey Charles Harrison, 22, of Vancouver and Tom Verheaghe, 27, of Belgium had earlier pleaded guilty.


They're upset.

Because they did nothing wrong.  I mean, it's not like these losers ever fall off things during their stunts..
Protester Falls of Monument in France
Protester Falls of Golden Gate Bridge
Protester Injured in Fall from Chinese Consulate in San Francisco
Lord knows what a 140 pound man dropping 1200 meters would do if they landed on someone, or even just dropped a shoe or a carbiner.

Or - maybe they get stuck and need help.. and then put firemen or police at risk.

And if they did manage to kill someone, I'm sure the victim's family wouldn't be upset or concerned because the protester was being "peaceful".