Disproportionate response

Politics these days is such a laugh riot, that I've decided to write about something of a more serious nature:The NHL suspended that idiot Sean Avery -- indefinitely -- for the sin of slagging his ex-girlfriends, who are now dating other NHLers:(t)he Dallas Stars forward made inappropriate comments toward Calgary defenceman Dion Phaneuf and his girlfriend, Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert. The

30 days of post -election consultations and Dion found his way to power

Does anybody have their Dion to English dictionary handy?I thought I heard him say:"Mr. Speaker Every member of this house has received a mandate from the people to deliver a government that will face the economic crisis. The PM has failed, he does not have the support of this house anymore."Does that mean if he -- as newly self-appointed Prime Minister -- can't produce a budget and positive

Who's the Boss?

I don't give a damn where they sit -- with a veto on government business until 2011 - who's calling the shots?Comfort yourself by listening to the BS if you like -- the Bloc is not part of the coalition -- they will not sit in government -- they ARE the bloody government when they have the numbers to assert control -- and they do. Jack Layton has sold his soul on the pretense that a few Cabinet

All you can do is shake your head

The Bloc as part of a governing coalition. The Bloc Quebecois, as part of government?A separatist party, taking a significant and powerful role in forming policy for all of Canada?And no Liberals or NDPers see a problem with this?Even if you hate Stephen Harper -- even if you are still amongst the few ignorant people who 'fear' Stephen Harper -- you have to see how very wrong this is.It is one