The British Soul Will Rise, Again…

What has happened to the British? Who is at fault?

Britain's liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social value - Melanie Phillips

Repairing this terrible damage also means, dare I say it, a return to the energetic transmission of Biblical morality.

Anyone heard from the Archbishop of Canterbury about the riots? Anyone care to guess what he will eventually say about them? Quite.

When church leaders stop prattling like soft-headed social workers and start preaching, once again, the moral concepts that underlie our civilisation, and when our political leaders decide to oppose the culture war that has been waged against that civilisation rather than supinely acquiescing in its destruction, then — and only then — will we start to get to grips with this terrible problem.

Until then, within the smouldering embers of our smashed and burned-out cities, we can only look upon the ruins of the Britain we have so dearly loved; the Britain that once led the world towards civilisation, but is now so tragically leading the way out.

The English language is the prominent one in the world. The military is still effective. I have no problem purchasing goods from the United Kingdom. I appreciate the history and enjoy writers, particularly of the classics.

But the country is imploding metaphorically.

Alas, it has to be lack of self-discipline and respect. Frankly, to add to Melanie Phillips powerful article, I also blame the lax jurisprudence system and soft police administration. They, like many other aspects of society, have been infected by the politically correct disease inflicted by socialists, leftists, media, academia and psychologists of the same ilk. Then there’s multiculturalism and, people of colour, who still think they are mistreated by white people. Not all but enough. And there is white trash that are part of the Hip-Hop Rap culture and wear the same attire, oversized pants, hoods and so forth.

Otherwise, the riots would’ve been stopped within hours if the conservative value society were in full power.

Conservatives believe in humanity but not as fast and brash as the liberals. The riots wouldn’t have happened in Switzerland. The Swiss would not tolerate the anarchists and hoodlums, even the mobs who think it’s Flash Fun or Flash Attack.

When the police were overwhelmed, the military should’ve been ordered to enter the cities. I’m not a Pierre Trudeau fan, but our former Prime Minister didn’t allow the FLQ of Quebec to continue with their revolution and insisted that the army arrest suspects to prevent more threat and carnage.

Ridiculously, England doesn’t have enough prison cells, modern ones, and the bureaucrats are concerned that the each inmate would cost $40,000 per year. So why not let them loose? Short sentences. A shame.

However, one judge has been harsher than expected. Bravo!

Unfortunately, we are in difficult times: the economy, Islamist terrorism will continue, Arab Spring will open doors for the Muslim Brotherhoods, gangs, and Flash crowds are getting worse. The culprits have Iphones, Blackberries, wireless computers to communicate with each other locally and around the world, instantly.

Societies are threatened outwardly and within. The citizens must unite to protect. Many have. Not vigilantes.

What would Winston Churchill have done? But, the people back then were respectful.

“Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘This was their finest hour'.”

The United Kingdom survived the bombing and battles. The people were together, united, brave and bold, hard-working in order for the next generations to live a better life, more peaceful, yet alert.

All this effort and circumspection has evolved to riots by homegrown and a few immigrants, to disintegrate the glorious Red, White and Blue? I think not.

The British soul, of decency and honour, will rise, again.