Fellow Pundits: Blaming the "Other Guys" Might Kill You

Take a good look at the blogworld today - liberal, conservative - it doesn't matter.

What will you find?

Well - let's look at some of my favorites today:

Much of what we do is complain about what "OTHER" people are doing wrong, and implicitly or explicitly, why that makes MY life worse (in fairness, the above blogs often question their own political spectrum.. ie) engaging in introspection - James Curren in particular).

If you're not careful, that can lead to bitterness.

Especially, perhaps, for Liberals following the last Federal Election and for Ontario Liberals following the upcoming Provincial election.

And "Bitterness" can make you physically ill.

It's true.  According to today's Vancouver Sun, reporting on a study from Concordia University.

It causes your body to release cortisol, which has been shown to negatively impact our physical health.

The antidote?

Accepting responsibility for your own lot in life, and accepting your limitations.

Personally - and, perhaps, politically.

Ask yourself, at least from time to time - is MY party perhaps less than perfect, and, if so, what could WE do better?

In other words - stop complaining about how the "other guy" has prevented you from attaining your goals, and learn to accept that, as the song goes, "You can't always get what you want.. but if you try sometimes, you just might find.. you get what you need."