My Thoughts on Jack Layton

I was shocked and saddened yesterday as was most were to hear that Jack Layton, NDP leader and leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition. had passed away  Like others  last month,  even though he looked and sounded very,very ill when he made his announcement that he was stepping aside temporally and that he had a new cancer, I thought with his tenacious optimism and determinism. we would see him back in parliament maybe not in Sept. when the house resumes as he intended  but at some point later on. I did not expect to see him leave us so quickly and suddenly like that. 

No I didn't agree with his ideas but hey you gotta give him credit.  He always positive, fought for what he believed in and he took his party into new heights. 

Yes he was a politician but we must not forget he was also a husband, father,and grandfather.  From what I could tell he loved his family very much.  I admire that.

I join others in keeping Olivia, the children and that  precious little granddaughter of his in our hearts and prayers right now as they go through this difficult time.  Pray that God comforts them and gives them strength as this will be a tough time for this family for sometime.

One thing is for sure, he will be missed by all  in the Canadian political sphere. Primarily his party will feel lost  without him. They will have big shoes to fill that's for certain.  He WAS the NDP!

Rest in peace Jack!  May God bless Olivia and the family and give them the peace that passes all understanding!