Disproportionate response

Politics these days is such a laugh riot, that I've decided to write about something of a more serious nature:The NHL suspended that idiot Sean Avery -- indefinitely -- for the sin of slagging his ex-girlfriends, who are now dating other NHLers:(t)he Dallas Stars forward made inappropriate comments toward Calgary defenceman Dion Phaneuf and his girlfriend, Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert. The

30 days of post -election consultations and Dion found his way to power

Does anybody have their Dion to English dictionary handy?I thought I heard him say:"Mr. Speaker Every member of this house has received a mandate from the people to deliver a government that will face the economic crisis. The PM has failed, he does not have the support of this house anymore."Does that mean if he -- as newly self-appointed Prime Minister -- can't produce a budget and positive

Who's the Boss?

I don't give a damn where they sit -- with a veto on government business until 2011 - who's calling the shots?Comfort yourself by listening to the BS if you like -- the Bloc is not part of the coalition -- they will not sit in government -- they ARE the bloody government when they have the numbers to assert control -- and they do. Jack Layton has sold his soul on the pretense that a few Cabinet

All you can do is shake your head

The Bloc as part of a governing coalition. The Bloc Quebecois, as part of government?A separatist party, taking a significant and powerful role in forming policy for all of Canada?And no Liberals or NDPers see a problem with this?Even if you hate Stephen Harper -- even if you are still amongst the few ignorant people who 'fear' Stephen Harper -- you have to see how very wrong this is.It is one

Too bad

It's almost sad that the Tories didn't have the guts to stick it out and allow the pig-three to form a coalition government. Would have been mighty interesting having Ignatieff and Rae and Layton explain how they could, in good conscience, allow the Bloc to actually be part of forming government.Besides, there is so much in-fighting in the Liberal Party, they can barely function themselves, let

Life, or nothing like it

She'll be dead forever but he's getting parole.We need a prison system where life in prison means exactly that. How dare the National Parole Board take a risk with our children?There is no cure for what this guy is and yet apparently, remorse is enough. The guy wants to 'do everything in his power make sure he never hurts anyone again.'Fine, Smeltzer. Stay in jail. That's in your power and that

Never again

Never again. When you hear those words, it evokes an image doesn't it?For me, the image is of holocaust survivors or soldiers. I've heard survivors say it defiantly and I've heard veterans utter it wistfully. It's meant as a call for humanity after a period of genocide, violent social upheaval, war. It's a stark, simple phrase that manages to conjure images of the brutality that mankind

Nice Guy? Please!

In the print edition of the National Post, the headline of Don Martin's column states:He didn't get it: Politics is nastyThe online edition says -- Nice guys don't last in politicsBoth are referring to Stephane Dion.Gimme a break!Martin goes on to say:Like it or not, and I still think it was beneath him, but Prime Minister Stephen Harper's instant attack on the do-overs of Mr. Dion's bumbled CTV

Election shocker: Harper not campaigning for the Liberals

In the latest of many shocking developments on the campaign trail, it has come to light that Stephen Harper is not championing the Liberal cause as things come down to the wire:"Today, he (Harper) will tour the country and he will not say a word about the Liberal tax cuts for families," Mr. Dion told an early morning rally at the headquarters of Fredericton candidate David Innes.Can you believe

One more reason not to vote Liberal

Ooops. They got him! Stephen Harper is offically human. Um, Liberal war room? The differences between Mr. Harper's flub and Mr. Dion's meltdown are astronomical.First, Harper didn't ask for a do-over. He misspoke and moved on. Second, you were able to figure out what Harper meant to say. Even the Liberal war room has no clue what Dion was trying to say in that interview.Third, even you concede

Pardon moi?

A man who was able to keep up and listen to four other debaters and a moderator during the debates is now using a disability as an excuse for not being able to answer questions intelligibly one on one?Score points by getting the sympathy vote. The Liberal way. Win by any means. The disability excuse is just an example of deflection -- make the Conservatives look bad for pointing out how bad Dion

"Not Conservative"

It amazes me how many people are willing to jump onto the ABC bandwagon or buy into the 'Stop Harper' campaigns. With little thought to what the 'Anybody' in ABC might be putting forward in their own campaign, it seems many people are ready to define themselves as 'not Conservative'.Congratulations. That's so clever. Well, if being 'not Conservative' is your main reason for voting for 'Anybody'

Local candidate has bangs and glasses!!!

Breaking news -- The woman on the right is running for the Liberals in the GTA -- and it isn't Sarah Palin. Would you have realized that if I hadn't told you? And guess what? She has bangs and glasses and a smile and apparently -- that's enough to get her free publicity from CityTV.In the news item titled: Local Candidate Bears Uncanny Resemblance To Sarah Palin we're told of the remarkable