PC Leadership Candidates Respond to Question of Integrity

Well, not really.

Or have they.. in their silence?

Last week, I blogged that there appears to be a fear on the part of the Alberta PC Leadership Candidates to raise the issue of Gar Mar's past $484,000.00 gift of taxpayer money to his former executive assistant, Kelly Charlebois by way of untendered contracts for undocumented "advice".


To press my point, I tweeted each of the other candidates to their twitter accounts:

"re debate, why no discussion re Gary Mar's diversion of over $400,000 tax dollars in untendered contracts to his former EA?

So far, no response.  Crickets chirping.  Nothing.


Well, one comment on my blog from Powell Lucas suggests that they all know that only one of them will win, and they don't want to really change how business is done - and "poison the well" of government goodies that may still be forthcoming after an election.  The "payback" that guys like Kelly Charlebois get when they prove to be "good PC soldiers."

Sadly, I think he's right.

I will be very curious to see if there is one leadership candidate who will stand up for integrity and change.

If you're curious too, copy and past my question and send your own tweet to the candidates:

I'm not holding my breath for an answer- but, hey, miracles can happen.

Can't they?