One More Reason to Shut Down CBC-Gilles Dueceppe

CBC sucks over a billion dollars every year from the taxpayer.  They spew their anti-anything conservative, anti-American, anti-Israel garbage. Now they've hired defeated separatist leader Gilles Dueceppe.

MONTREAL  - Former Bloc Quebecois head Gilles Duceppe said he doesn't think there is anything controversial about an ex-soveregnist leader working at the state broadcaster.
Duceppe starts work as a columnist for the French CBC next week.
So now Gilles not only gets his gold plated MP's pension but he'll be receiving a  nice little paycheck as well paid for by you and me.  Someone who despises the rest of Canada and whose  raison d'etre is to break up the country  but is all to glad to take our money.

CBC? Time to shut 'em down.  Switch off the lights, lock the doors, and say good nite! I'm sick and tired of the state broadcaster sucking from the public teet to spew their garbage. Giving the former Bloc leader a soapbox is the last straw.  Here that James Moore?

Update: Gilles steps down from CBC.
"Following a misunderstanding about the nature of its mandate, Gilles Duceppe has chosen not to be a weekly columnist for the show," the Radio-Canada said in a statement Wednesday afternoon.