Albertans Once Again Set to Elect Senators-in-waiting

In Alberta here we had lead on senate reform being the only province to ever elect a senator. First was Stan Waters who PM Brian Mulroney appointed in the '90's.  Then in 2004 senate elections were held where Bert Brown who PM Stephen Harper appointed,  and is now a sitting CPC Senator in the Upper Chamber.

We were supposed to have senate elections last fall along with our municipal elections but out going Premier Ed Stelmach decided not to hold them.instead extending the current senators-in-waiting their term.  Now the PC leadership candidates have vowed to bring senate elections back to coincide with the next provincial election which could be as early as this fall.

Bring it on! We will be electing senators again regardless it seems because Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Party are also committed to Senate reform. They're at the moment looking for nominees.

Let's be leaders again! Hopefully the other provinces will take note and decide to do like wise.  We must make sure we keep pressing  all the PC candidates and the Wildrose to make sure this happens.  We should all know politicians by now of all stripes just because they promise something doesn't mean they'll follow through.  Don't let them off the hook!