NDP and Liberal Merger: Game Changer?


Reports suggest that Pat Martin wants to move the NDP to a merger with the Liberal Party.

Other reports advise that prominent Liberal MP, Denis Coderre also says the idea is "worth considering."

Wonderful idea.

As lame as their "victory" in the last election was, the NDP did manage to topple the Liberals in the last federal election as the official opposition - which, most would suggest is as good as it's going to get for the orange crew.

So, then, why would they want to get on board with a party who has clearly lost it's way, drifting aimlessly without a leader, without direction?

Apparently stooges like Pat Martin and Denis Coderre didn't get the message.

Socialism doesn't work.  It's day is done.  The world is grappling with the reality that a bloated civil service and massive give-away social spending, in the long run, will bring a country to it's knees.

Like the Greeks.

So, then, why would the Liberals have any interest in moving farther left?  With all respect, it's a recipe for disaster.

The Conservatives will pound them for wanting to bring in massive increases in social spending, and their tent will rip at the seams as an already fractioned NDP party seeking to accommodate a plethora of special interests, will now need to accommodate fiscally conservative social moderates currently in the Liberal party.

But then again, another four years of majority Conservative government wouldn't break my heart.


Maybe this merger talk is good news after all.

Maybe this IS the game changer.

For the Conservative Party of Canada.

I wonder if Coderre and Martin own any Cookaroos?