Of Men and Mice: Political Gamesmanship As We Mourn Jack Layton


There is class.  And there is classless.

Today we read on BC Blue that a monumental display of ignorance and insensitivity has been exhibited by Tim Naumetz in an article in the Hill Times.

As I commented on BC Blue:

Jack Layton made a significant effort during his life to impact upon the political structure of our country, and for that he should be commended, as should the many who have passed before him. Politics is not an easy field, less so for people like Mr. Layton who toil to advance a view that has never been accepted by the dominant population of our country. For that effort he should also be commended and remembered well.


For supporters of his party to invite criticism of the late NDP leader's politics while his body lies in state in Parliament, by seeking to raise political debate at this sad moment in Canadian history is, itself, sad and unfortunate. The letter written by Mr. Layton was touching - and in time, a discussion will be welcomed about its content and its import.

Now is not that time.

Now is time to share the collective loss of a country to consider not his politics, or his views, but the effort and tenacity of the man.

Mr. Layton, like many other Canadian politicians before him, Liberal, Conservative and NDP alike - showed himself to be a lion of a man as he strove to seek support for his view of the ideal society.

The article by Tim Naumetz does little more than sully the good-will that comes with these moments of collective appreciation by our country for the effort of one of our own. Naumetz, does, however, exemplify quite well the contrast between men who are lions, and those who are mice.