Trauma - Life In The ER 2

Just some extra tidbits of info on the healthcare system. My boss had a 'mild' stroke the first weekend in June. Her neurology appt in in NOVEMBER. She has not even had an MRI to see if there might be a clot somewhere. She did have a CT scan almost right away but that did not show a cause.

My friend's bf had a seizure in July. His first ever, and he has not had one since but his license has been taken away due to the seizure. He has yet to see a neurologist and in fact has not even been given an appt date yet.

What? I knew that our system was crumbling but are you freaking kidding me? You can have a stroke and not see a neurologist to try to determine the cause for 5 MONTHS? You can have a seizure that stops you from being able to drive, which also happened to be your career before the event, and still not see a neurologist more than 2 MONTHS later? I honestly did not know things were this bad. I cannot believe it. My boss could have a clot somewhere that could dislodge at any time. They can only guess in the meantime and stuff her full of heart medication and blood thinners - oh but wait - she also has a long standing blood disease that causes open wounds so if she gets one of those, she cannot be on blood thinners or she could die in the middle of the night from blood loss. Oh but who cares. We will just make her wait even though she has been paying into the tax system for over 40 years, 30 years being a small business owner and paying even more taxes than most people. What a great payback for years of service to the country. Kinda like when her husband had a heart attack a few years ago and had to wait an extra 5 days for surgery because the surgeon was on holiday. "the" surgeon in a city of over 1 million people. Didn't they have a replacement? It's crazy. It really is.