MASSIVE Protest!

So says Lisa La-La Land.

Environmentalists are staging a massive protest on Parliament Hill against a proposed pipeline that would carry crude oil from the Alberta oils sands to the U.S. Gulf Coast – passing through six states.
How out of touch can one reporter be? MASSIVE protest? At most, reporters are saying 500 and that's counting all the police and reporters.  Why do lefties want to kill the very industry that supports them and most of Canada? Ontario is now a have not province, be happy that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Newfoundland are supporting your MASSIVE lefty programs. The protest was a huge failure, Lisa needs to be honest, but I guess I'm expecting too much from the lefty media here is Canada. If it wasn't for the unions wasting their members money, probably only 50 people would have shown up. MASSIVE failure Lisa, MASSIVE!

Not to be outdone, thousands of union workers rallied against....well they rallied against the Toronto Mayor, because they are scared for their cushy union jobs.

About 4,000 people packed Nathan Phillip Square by 6 p.m. Monday. Many carried placards showing a cartoon of a runaway train going off a cliff, with Rob Ford in the locomotive, and the slogan, “Stop the Crazy Train.”

 Funny how those perfectly printed placards instantly appeared as if by magic. Union fees at work for political advocacy. Shame on the unions for failing their members by becoming political monsters. If you think I am exaggerating, look at the woman in this picture, reminds me of the workers union of Russia.

Look at the clenched fist, the glazed eyes and the strained neck muscles, clearly a women with a mission. Heil Union anyone? The pre-printed signs are another indication of union involvement.

So, it appears that the unions abandoned the greenies on Parliament hill to protest against any cuts to their golden pension jobs. Funny how you always find the lefties at the trough, snorting and shouting when their gravy train is threatened....In the name of the "little people" of course.