How To Kill An Economy, and, Carbon Dioxide Is Not A "Pollutant"

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The EU goes for the carbon taxes jugular.
British Airways faces a bill of nearly €50m, the highest of any airline, when carriers around the world are brought into the European Union’s carbon emissions trading scheme next year....
The airline industry’s total bill is expected to be €1.1bn ($1.5bn) at today’s carbon prices, the study says. The whole sector may only make a $4bn profit this year, the International Air Transport Association has forecast.... 
The findings come amid a fierce row over the EU’s move to make any airline flying into and within the bloc pay for pollution.
Memo to the EU and Financial Times: Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant.

Costs will be passed on to customers, because corporations do not pay taxes -- consumers do. This will harm the struggling world economy and put yet more money in big-government hands. The world takes another notch downward, thanks to the statist left.

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