"That's just the way of business" in Quebec.

“For a lot of people, colluding, defrauding the government, increasing prices and shoving aside the competition, that’s just the way business is done,” Jacques Duchesneau, head of Quebec’s anti-collusion squad.

Can you imagine Quebec as a separate nation, run by organized crime with puppet politicians and bureaucrats?

“Organized crime is not simply a problem of public order. It is an economic and social phenomenon that has penetrated all of society, including the procedures in place at the Transport Department,” Mr. Duchesneau said. “Our investigators have understood well. Organized crime is not simply a parasite but a true state actor. Ultimately it is we, the taxpayers, who end up with the bill.”

Jacques Duchesneau was a former Montreal police chief who was chosen by the Liberals to investigate the construction industry and collusion. He said it's not enough just to arrest criminals and imprison them. The whole shebang has to be cleaned up. He firmly stated that a public inquiry is necessary.

Liberal Premier Jean Charest isn't convinced, yet.

Many Canadians, those who are aware, for years heard about the corruption in Quebec. Frankly, it's obvious that the province was open for bike gangs and organized crime.

Indeed, I am sad for the decent and fair Quebec Canadians. The province has produced fantastic athletes, entertainers, artists, business entrepreneurs and, of course, SOLDIERS.

Soldiers return from corrupt and vicious Afghanistan to what? Will they be recruited for a Quebec/Mafia Army or National Guard?

Shame on all those who have colluded.

Quebec anti-collusion head calls for construction industry inquiry - Graeme Hamilton, National Post