"Equitable And Inclusive" -- This Is What It Gets You In Ontario's School System

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While flipping through his six-year-old son’s new student planner Monday night, Jaak Purres was shocked to see some pretty heavy words jump out at him: sex worker, female genital mutilation, Palestinian solidarity. 
Most of them were plotted on a calendar marking “Days of Significance” — International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers (Dec 17), the International Day of Zero-Tolerance on Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation (Feb. 6). But their mere presence in a book stuffed in his son’s backpack and carried to and from his Grade 2 class, set off alarm bells for Mr. Purres, who sends his child to school in Toronto’s Bathurst and Lawrence area.
In what almost amounts to leftist self-parody, the father in the article is totally OK with the agenda being presented in Ontario public schools; his only concern is that his six year old son may not be up to it yet.

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"Equitable and Inclusive". What gets stuffed into this? Whatever those who hold the reins of power like and believe in. What gets inequitably omitted and non-inclusively excluded? Whatever they happen to dislike. What is presented as equitable justice and inclusion is really nothing more than an act of raw, agenda-driven power. Palestinian solidarity? Why not solidarity with the Jews, whom the Arabs want to drive into the sea? Why not solidarity with the Christians, whom the Muslims are persecuting around the world and driving from their ancestral countries? Maybe the school board has such days, but I doubt it.

Parents who care about what their children are being taught should be vigilant.

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