Canadian MP Bob Dechert with Chinese journalist Shi Rong

"China seeks influence over politicians CSIS says." Sub-heading in Stephen Maher, National Post, piece: "Flirtation is hardly ridiculous"

Actually, the endgame the Chicoms seek is far more than influence; they seek information and secrets. Many ordinary citizens, but highly educated, and in important positions where they travel overseas, are convinced to help the nation.

Flirtation is hardly 'ridiculous'

"For years, our spymasters have warned that the Chinese are aggressively targeting Canada, sometimes stealing military and economic secrets, but also using softer techniques to seek political intelligence and influence."...

"Last summer, Mr. Dechert, the Ontario MP for Mississauga-Erindale, exchanged some romantic emails with Shi Rong, a Toronto correspondent for Xinhua News Agency, an organization that, spies say, routinely acts as an arm of Chinese intelligence."...

Shi Rong pronounced She Wrong?

Not long ago, I was asked by a PR person at a publishing company to read and review "Tiger Trap" about Chicom spies. Several Americans, including those who worked with the CIA, have been duped by attractive Chicom agents and double agents.

America’s Secret Spy War with China — “Tiger Trap" ” by espionage writer David Wise