Remembering 9/11

Sunday will mark the tenth anniversary of the most tragic event in US history.  Around 3000 people were murdered as a result of a terrorist attack that took down the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in Manhattan,a plane crashing into the Pentagon, another plane crashing into the ground in Pennsylvania..

Shock and horror grappled the world. How could such a horrendous thing happen everyone was asking?

Gander NFLD welcomed passengers from planes that had been diverted by comforting them with food and lodging.  Thank-you and God bless you for that!

Not only Americans died that day but of many nationalities including Canada also. Twenty four died. May they continue to rest in peace.

Ten years later feelings are still raw with most especially those who were right at the epicenter.

Prime Minister Harper will be the Canadian representative at the 9/11 ceremonies at ground zero and will be privately meeting with families who lost loved ones.

We must  keep all those whose loved ones were killed  that day in our hearts and prayers. May they find comfort in the thought that one day they will be reunited with they're loved ones and may God continue to keep them under His wings.

Thanks go to the first responders for their courage and may God Bless them as well! They are true heroes!

The world forever  changed that day.  It is a more dangerous place and we must keep vigilant to make sure nothing like that ever happens again.

We  must never forget!  May God keep us all safe!