Infanticide, Anyone?

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This is what the finest legal minds in the country come up with. This is the kind of ruling we get from the people who rule us and Parliament via the exercise of Charter powers. This is what our intellectual and moral betters come up with.

Infanticide, anyone?

And what's up with the "especially mothers without support" justification. Didn't we used to have an institution that handled that? Let's see. Sifting through the memory bank. Oh, yeah. It was called, almost got it, on the tip of my tongue... marriage.  With no sex before.

Trudeau's Canada broke marriage between a man and a woman as a socially necessary contract and constraint and with it has come the justification for abortion and infanticide. Funny how all the rights we have granted ourselves -- including gay rights -- have come at the natural rights of children to life and a father and mother's love, care, and protection.
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