Today's Menu? Nothing. Nada.

Nothing to say today.

Oh, sure, I could comment on the recent arrest of illegal immigrant Walford Steer, seeking refugee status - even though he was deported once in 1999, snuck back in with false documents, and has 76 criminal convictions under his belt.

But.  Honestly, it would probably be taken as an over-all "anti-immigration" position, and, honestly, I think healthy levels of immigration is a good thing - and our current government is doing a pretty good job sharpening efforts to remove guys like this - but no system will ever be perfect.

I could comment on Bob Rae's effort to revitalize the Liberal Party of Canada - but, again, all he really says are platitudes without substance, so, why waste effort to attack.. well, nothing? 

I might comment on goings on south of the border.  Barack Obama seems to think spending more time on talk shows and giving interviews is somehow going to help their mess, instead of actually doing something.. but then again, it's looking like the Republicans are lining up neo-conservative buffoons like Michelle Bachman or Rick Parry to take over the reigns - so, why attack one idiot, when the likely alternatives are just more idiots.


I've got a little ennui today. 

Maybe it's the realization that Alberta Conservatives appear likely to vote in another professional back-scratcher, Gary Mar as their leader - and in second place, uber-liberal, pro-big government Allison Redford. 

I used to live in Vancouver while in University, and I loved and still love that city - but I left because I found the politics intolerable.   I may have to reconsider that decision in light of current political realities in my home province of Alberta, where, little by little, the government has adopted a philosophy hostile to personal freedom, where government spending is beyond belief, and where "individuality" has become a dirty word.


I'll finish off my oatmeal and coffee, and make my way to work, having no fire in the belly today to take anyone or anything to task.

You have a good day!