Elections Across the Land

2011 seems to be the year of elections in Canada.  First was the remarkable federal election May 2 that finally brought Stephen Harper and the Conservatives a majority with 166 seats. The late Jack Layton's NDP won an historic victory of 103 seats becoming the official opposition.  The Liberals on the other hand suffered an historic loss coming in third with only 34 seats. The Bloc lost all but 4 four seats losing official party status in the House.  The only leader left standing was PM Stephen Harper after Layton's untimely death.  The other parties are now in leadership mode.

Now we're approaching provincial election season this fall, with Ontario, Manitoba, PEI and other provinces  going to the polls. In Alberta later this month both the governing PC's and the opposition Liberals will be choosing new leaders.  A general election after that  is at the discretion  of the new leader and premier of the PC"s. They have until March 2013 to call one.

One word of caution to all voters everywhere, before you go to the polls, please do your homework. Examine every candidate, who they are and what they actually stand for.  Pay close attention to every detail in the campaign platforms. In other words read the fine print.

Above all take the time, have your say and get out and vote!  Yours, and your family's future is on the line.