DEATH OR VICTORY – a short history segment of Canada…

First Nations were here before anyone else. Many anthropologists and archeologists think the natives came from Asia via the Bering Strait to Alaska, and then they spread out. Some believe the aboriginals were always here.

Vikings arrived at the East Coast and left, or perished.

Many years later, in 1535, explorer Jacques Cartier arrived, searching for a route to China.

Samuel de Champlain, considered to be the Father of Canada, established settlements such as Quebec of New France.

In 1629 Quebec was captured by two English corsairs, pirate ships, but then it was returned to the French in the treaty of 1632.

Quebec was vulnerable from the Plains of Abraham; subsequently, a wall was built, a wooden palisade, in 1690.

Fast forward to 1759: During the Seven Years War in Europe, the British, led by General James Wolfe, conquered New France. The colony became part of the British Empire. Yet, Britain was a benign conqueror. The French were allowed to continue their religion and many customs. They were protected and able to preserve their culture. Later, the British, along with French Canadians and First Nations, prevented the Americans from taking over, and turning Quebec (not a province then) into a state of U.S.A.

However, during the American Revolution France and Spain sided with American colonials to win back what they lost to the British Empire.

Some of the above was from a history book I recently purchased, “Death Or Victory” by Dan Snow (with joint British and Canadian citizenship) “The Battle Of Quebec And the Birth Of Empire”.

The enjoyable book refreshed my absorbed mind why the Quebecois, the separatists, in essence have the desire to return to the days of glory of New France, when natives were their allies. And they still desire independence, sovereign nation, financed by the rest of Canada. Why blow a good thing?

The Quebecois keep trying to re-establish their rule, any which way they can, even with language police. Since they can’t spread in the supposed bilingual country, they will make do in Quebec, and, with government jobs, especially management everywhere. Nice pension is the added value.

Now, a separatist firebrand is going after Prime Minister Harper through the courts for hiring Angelo Persichilli as communications director, because he doesn’t speak French. The separatists are stating that Harper doesn’t care for Quebec, even though Persichilli will learn French. They think the additional ridings in the other provinces will diminish their power of influence. Harper is still scary.

Hello Quebecois! Je me souviens. Indeed, I remember the constant threats of sovereignty, even though they lost the important war. Most wars. And they will lose the attempt to return to the past, or to separate.

Sometimes, I think the Brits were too nice. But then again, I liked visiting Quebec and socializing with French Canadians, who were proud of being citizens of Canada, not New France.