Free Speech:Section 13 must go

The hate speech part of the federal human rights code is odious. It needs to go. It is used as a weapon by censors. I have personally spoken to HM PM Harper and Hm Minister of Justice Rob Nichols bout getting rid of this piece of legislation on a number of occasions. Seems I may get my wish.Watch Ezra andHM Minister of Justice here.

Hate speech law on the chopping block

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson makes an announcement in Montreal on November 1, 2011. (ERIC BOLTE/QMI Agency)
OTTAWA - Canada's human rights commissions could soon be de-fanged.

New legislation would repeal Section 13, the hate speech portion of Human Rights Act.

“Our government believes Section 13 is not an appropriate or effective means for combating hate propaganda. We believe the Criminal Code is the best vehicle to prosecute these crimes,” Justice Minister Rob Nicholson told the House of Commons during question period.

“I say to the opposition: get onside with the media, MacLean's magazine, National Post, and even the Toronto Star says this section should go.”

Quebecor and its media properties, including Sun News Network and QMI Agency, also want the section scrapped.

Tory backbencher Brian Storseth drafted the private member's bill, C-304.

“This is a great first step,” Storseth told The Source host Ezra Levant on Sun News Network. “Free speech is something we all hold very dear to our hearts and something we all have a necessity for.”

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