Ding Dong! The HRC Section 13 Is Dead!

I'm loving this government. First the long gun registry is up for death by uselessness. Then the CWB loses it's monopsony power to jail our western farmers. They of course, like any good lefties, are whining to the courts, with our tax dollars. Violent criminals might actually get enough time in jail to understand that they did something wrong, thanks to a crime bill the lefties can't stand, because those poor, poor criminals didn't really mean to rape that women, or shoot that kid. Now, the next piece has fallen into place, the striking of the offensive section 13 from the HRC book of tricks.  No longer will people get persecuted for free speech because someone is "offended"!

The problem for censorshipminded activists is that proving hate speech in court is hard. Courts tend to abridge Charter rights such as freedom of expression only in the most extreme cases. It is unlikely that an antiimmigration screed on the Internet or a controversial editorial cartoon would prompt a real judge to shut down a website or fine a blogger. That's why most activists prefer to rely on Sec. 13 of the CHRA and its provincial counterparts (which should also be written out of the law), instead of the criminal code.
Now, real judges will hear real cases of hate speech, not the biased HRC employees. Now, a blogger stating their opinion on an issue will not have to worry about being hauled before the HRC for someone with "hurt" feelings. Kudos to this government for acting on this issue. Now, if "Red Ali" wants to keep Conservative votes, she will get rid of this odious section in Alberta's HRC, but I'm not holding my breath, not with what I have seen of her so far. 

Finally Ezra is seeing his dream come true!

H/T to Small Dead Animals.