Maude Tells Canadians To Eat Cake And Like It!

Extreme Lefty Maude Barlow weighs in on our health care system under the guise of the "Council for Canadians", a lefty think if they ever think!

Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians says the federal government should commit to a 10-year health transfer plan with the provinces that would see a six per cent increase in funding annually.
"At the moment, the Harper government is only committed to 2016, so we are very concerned that they have no intention of carrying it beyond that," Barlow told a news conference Thursday.
Barlow added that the Canada Health Act must be better enforced so that it's used to stop private health care services from eroding the system.
Barlow also wants to see health care coverage include dental care, pharmacare and continuing care.
Hello Maude, 2016!!! This is 2011, and the lefties are already worried about 2016? Oh my God, can they get anymore irrelevant? Stop private health care services, right Maude? Didn't Saint Jack use private health care services? Answer that one honestly if you can. 

Maude has spoken. All hail socialists and their lack of concern for the actual people who use our health care system. Maude tells Canadians to eat cake and like it!

Instead of demanding more money for our failing health system, why not spend that money to support our doctors and nurses by allowing them the freedom to provide both public and private services? 

Let's take hip replacements as an example. My doctor gets the operating room in the hospital one morning a month, so he can only book a few hip replacements. The rest of the time, he is evaluating patients in his office and putting them on a wait list. His skills are being seriously underused and his nurses could be given more responsibilities in the evaluation process. 

Now, allow private health care. My doctor can set up an operating room in his office and offer hip replacements for a fee. He will still be required to do hip replacements at the hospital once a month as usual. His skills can be used everyday, and his nurses will be more involved in the whole process. Those who can not pay extra are still added to his wait list for the hospital once a month, but the list will be way shorter because those who choose to pay will not be on the list anymore.

Is that to hard for lefties to understand? Dentists perform surgeries in their offices everyday. Why can they do that and not other doctors? Lefties freak out when they think someone else is getting better care than they might, unless they are Saint Jack and then it's okay for him to use private health care because he was so precious to their cause. Maude should run for the NDP, she is their next Saint....oh I forgot the NDP are mainly a godless lot.  

A mix of public and private health care is the only solution, but the lefties will have to be dragged crying and screaming into the brave new world of efficient health care, not the Tommy Douglas, sterilize handicapped people type of health care. And they accuse Conservatives of not being open to change? HA!