Cyberspace Pseudonyms compared to Real Names...

Often, I find that the people with fictional names and pictures, avatars, fantasies are spurious and frequently try specious arguments that they consider debates.

Frankly, I think they hide, regardless of age, as if they have created a mystery, “who is that amazing personality? Or they are so obtuse and know it but cannot take reality.

Many hide behind monikers because they think it’s cool. They think they’re an intrinsic part of the new age social-networking, or communicating on forums, particularly political forums. Of course, there are some people that might have to protect their identity because they work for the police, government, religious institutions, schools, and so forth.

Whereas, those people who actually utilize their real names and sometimes pictures are generally more mature, truthful, and informed. They mention access to their sources. Reporters, columnists, and most believable bloggers use their names, some have to, or they wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Indeed, there seems to be an arrogance of whimsical freedom on the Internet forums.

The reason I bring this up is because some of the comments I receive on my weblog pieces, also on the political forums, are more than questionable -- from silly to acrimonious to strange. Naturally, I counter with my high-brow satire, occasionally much lower. I try to avoid the pejorative attitudes with expletives, however. But sometimes I fail. Forgive me.

I post threads and write comments on others on three political forums. But I might spend less time with them and more time with interesting blogs who utilize their names somewhere if not the title. And I have avoided my third novel attempt the past few months; hence time to get back at it.

Most of the time, I tend to get along with people who use real names rather than the pseudo-something crowd. Perhaps because I was brought up with books, newspapers, magazines, even television. I matured early in life and stopped reading comic books when I was thirteen. Nonetheless, I shall be honest: I do read and enjoy the pictures of some of the comics in newspapers and magazines.

Cyberspace people have rapper-style names such as Einstein, Frankenstein, Mad-Dog, Twinkle-Toes, BugsBunny, Smartass or BiteMe. There are so many ridiculous names that they must be masques. The users are either fearless or ignorant… or they’re fearful and unsure.

Many utilize egregious text-message style writing.

They do not write well, and do not take the time to check the spelling, grammar and edit. More importantly their facts and reasoning are incongruous. Their letter to the editors certainly wouldn’t be published.

Not all are like that. Some fantasy cyberspace writers are quite bright, compelling and witty. But why do they hide behind false names and lives? Seniors who do that not only do not set a fine example they must be ashamed of something or they don’t want scam artists or collection agencies to find them.

For the first two years with this weblog, I didn’t bother posting most comments because of the false names. The past year, I am somewhat open and have paid more attention. They do not have to agree with my views or links. However, though, I prefer real people with real values, the more conservative the better.

Mind you, I think the Internet is fabulous. I am even on FaceBook. But thank goodness for websites such as where one can verify True or False.

Continue the awareness & truth… sincerely,

Edmund Onward Sagebrush Titanium James

Absolutely real.