"If being a grumpy old man makes you an expert"

Didn't Jack Layton promise after the election to bring a new level of decorum to the House of Commons? Didn't Jack Layton proclaim that Canadians don't like insults? Weren't NDP MPs wearing "civility" buttons at the beginning of the first session in June?  Perhaps Megan Leslie did not get the civility memo, after today she started a question with "if being a grumpy old man makes you an expert" before being cut off. That's pretty classy coming from a party that has accused the Conservatives of "ageism" for criticizing the youth and inexperience of the new Dippers in caucus. By NDP standards discriminatory "ageism" only applies to comments against young people, not older people. It is okay if the target is a "grumpy old man", but try to say that a University student lacks the experience for elected office and suddenly you've committed a despicable act of age based discrimination.

It certainly seems of late that Megan Leslie is getting more face time than NDP leader Nycole Turmel.