Hypocritical Media...They NEVER Challenged The Bloc

CTV is all abuzz because two NDP MP's might have been reading the national anthem from a piece of paper.

Video of two New Democrat MPs apparently needing to consult a lyrics sheet for O Canada has raised a lot of eyebrows, and triggered a backlash from NDP members.
A field producer for CTV's Ottawa Bureau first noticed the mysterious sheet of paper held by MPs Lise St-Denis & Djaouida Sellah in the House of Commons, and his Twitter post caused a mini-firestorm.
The NDP's national director said not every MP knows the anthem in Canada's two official languages, but St-Denis and Sellah appear to consult the lyrics sheet for both.
A mini-firestorm? Golly!!!!! Sad sack journalists. How come those "so shocked" journalists NEVER complained that the Bloc NEVER even showed up to sing the national anthem? I have proof:

The Bloc NEVER showed up for our national anthem, but the media are going after two NDP MP's because they were at least participating in the singing of our anthem? Hypocrites. 

I couldn't sing the French version, and I can pretend to sing the French parts of the English/French version. I want all those so smug CTV journalists, to stand up, and sing the English/French version of our anthem without a cue card. I want Lisa Flameout to lead the singing. What? Not going to happen? It's easy to criticize from behind a mic, try actually participating in our democracy, instead of shi**ing on it and complaining without any solutions. 
You all know that I have nothing in common with the NDP, but this is just the Liberal media making up stories because "occupy anything" has failed, climategate 2 is blowing up in the IPCC arena, and the Liberals are fading into the woodwork.