Marijuana problem: Parents do want it legal

Kelly Egan authored a column in the Ottawa Citizen that claims that “ordinary people” don’t want pot legalized. I suppose it Egan world “ordinary” is the minority of people because fifty-three per cent of people do want it legalized. I’m pretty sure that 1 or 2 of that fifty-three per cent are parents, and so I feel comfortable saying that at least some parents want it legalized.

That’s not good enough for Ms. Egan. You see, she has “eyes” and her “eyes” tell her that at least one parent doesn’t want it legal, and of course that means that no parents want it legal.

You know all that academic evidence that prohibition is bad for individuals and society? That doesn’t matter!

Ordinary people are not going to read academic studies, unravel complex science on addictions or solve a harm benefit equation.

They are probably going to ask themselves: Would you buy a bag of weed and give it to your teenager?

My parents wouldn’t buy me alcohol when I was a teenager, therefore alcohol should be prohibited by the state. Try to parse that as a logical argument if you dare.