Where Oh Where was Library Activist Margaret Attwood during the Occupier Eviction?

Radio broadcasters reported that approximately 100 policemen, or more, were surrounding St. James Park in Toronto.

Why do the reporters sound as if they're out of breath, as if they are so excited, or exhausted, reporting; especially young women? Are they trained that way to make it sound urgent?

I switched radio stations. One of the broadcasters, a talk show host — who leans to the left on many issues and writes for the National Post, which I read because of other journalists and commentators — said the eviction was underwhelming. Did he expect and desire bullying by the police force so there would be grittier breaking news?

The policeman on the bull horn civilly asked the protesters to pick up their gear and leave peacefully.

However, 3 Toronto Occupiers had chained themselves in a yurt (tent) utilized as a library. They said they were protecting the books. Evidently, they wanted to be manhandled by THE MAN.

Library activist Margaret Attwood should have been there with them. Several of her novels are anti-governments and anti-capitalists written as if the culprits are oligarchs. Depressing stories that read like Attwood sounds, bland, with those with thin, tight lips that hardly move. As if she was a ventriloquist. Sometimes her lips don't move and it sounds as if a voice emanating from her head.

Frankly, I tend to agree with Lorrie Goldstein of the Toronto Sun that the guys who should be investigated (by the FBI) are the Wall Street manipulators, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac executives, and some American politicians.

I say include former President Bill Clinton who insisted that the banks lighten up on mortgages for anybody or else. It was a harsh continuation of Jimmy Carter's Community Re-Investment Act.

But failed Obama and his questionable Attorney General Holder (also responsible for Fast & Furious guns) will not lay charges because several Goldman Sachs execs and other Wall Street players were, still are, entrenched with the Democrat administration.

Regardless, although it took much longer than it should have, the police and mayor are winning the public opinion since the police asked the protesters to move along, so the tents could be removed and they could return to protest, which makes the protesters and unions, whoever funded the unorganized fools.

A bill for the mess, and the time for the police force, should be sent to the organizers who financed the egregious, slanted protest.