NDP MPs Require Help With Oh Canada Lyrics

Tonight CTV's Lisa LaFlamme Tweeted @LisaLaFlammeCTV "Just watched HoC vid of NDP MP's using cheatsheets to sing the National Anthem. Wouldn't believe it if I hadn't seen it. We'll air at 11." Isn't that sweet, members of our official opposition require assistance to sing Oh Canada. I'm not quite as shocked as Lisa LaFlamme. Can anyone really be surprised? Patriotism has never struck me as a strong suit of the Dippers. Maybe it isn't fair to poke fun at them at them for needing cheat sheets; it isn't like their caucus is fully bilingual and knows how to sing the English version. Their leader can barely speak English and often has to read from a script to ask questions in the House.

Today's poll question: do you know the lyrics to our national anthem? What percentage of Canadians can actually get the words right? There has been polling on this. 62% of French Canadians report that they can sing the french version without effort, so the percentage of francophones who can sing the English version is probably below 50%. The older you are, the more likely you are to know the lyrics. 77% of Canadian born respondents said they knew the words. 64% of foreign born Canadians knew the words. Immigrants report to have better anthem knowledge than francophone Canadians.

When I'm at events and our anthem comes on, I just shut up and listen instead of singing, but I do hold the song in reverence.