Section 13 in the Human Rights Act Will Finally Be Toast!

We can finally say so long to Section 13 in the Human Right Act that states you can be prosecuted for offending someone's feelings. Many have, like Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn. Back bench MP Brian Stroseth has introduced a private members bill to repeal that draconian clause which should come up for debate in the near future.

What's great is that it has support from Justice Minister Rob Nicholson and the PM so it will most likely pass.  It's a no brainier if  one believes in free speech.

Watch this from Ezra Levant of The Source. (h/t) Blazingcatfur

One would hope it would pass unamioumously.  All members should be in favor but I am not holding my breath.  All MPs of all stripes should be contacted to make sure they vote in favor of  Bill-C 304 so it can be taken care quickly  Free speech is non partisan   The sooner it's gone the better, it's long overdue.