You Have To Love Kenney!

Amnesty International has become a far left organization that sees anything Conservative as a threat to their mission of world domination. They are a joke. They are about as believable as Greenpeace, who are neither green or peaceful.

The ninnies are trying to get President Bush declared a "war criminal". What idiots. Add all their IQ's together and you might get to 118, but that is debatable. 

"When I joined AI (Amnesty International) in high school, it was to defend the rights of political dissidents like Andrei Sakharov and to oppose brutal regimes, including those still doing bloody business in Iran and North Korea," Kenny wrote. "I am disappointed to learn you are now squandering the moral authority accrued in those campaigns on targeting one of the most generous immigration systems in the world, and protesting the actions of Canadian public servants applying rules and laws that far exceed our international obligations."

Candice Malcolm, spokeswoman for Kenney, told QMI Agency Thursday, "I note that Amnesty International did not seek a court order barring Fidel Castro, who, according to AI themselves, has led a regime guilty of 'arbitrary arrests, detention and criminal prosecution,' as well as 'unfair sentences, harassment and intimidation of critics,' and use of the death penalty for individuals 'trying to flee the island'; or barring the 1999 visit of late Togolese dictator Gnassingbe Eyadema, who human rights organizations accused of operating a 'state of terror.'
 Kenney gives it to them with both barrels, (oh dear, I mentioned a gun part!) good for him and Kenney's spokeswoman...way to go Candice, call them on the facts. Lefties can't deal with facts, they are all about emotions. Emotions do not solve anything, but whining and crying about an issue looks other lefties.

I would be interested to know who funds Amnesty. Do they take blood money from dictatorships? How clean are they? Why do they go after the democratic countries and not Saudi Arabia? HA!

Finally, I am really sorry Ontario, but look at the bright side, Dalton will have to fix the deficit that his government created. In a minority, he will be reined in to a certain extent. Dalton will have to eat it.