Another Flip Flop by Premier Alison Redford


 Alison Redford campaigned on a promise to conduct a judicial inquiry into political coercesion in the health care system.  Now it seems she's having second thoughts.   Instead she said she's going to beef up the Health Council could investigate as well as full inquiry would do.

The opposition is not happy..  ND leader Brian Mason said,
“In no way can you make the assertion that the health quality council will ever have the independence it needs in order to get to the bottom of this, and it should get to the bottom of this,” said NDP Leader Brian Mason, suggesting the council is too linked with top health officials

Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says this represents a broken promise.
Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith said Redford’s comments represent a broken promise. She said even a beefed up health quality council likely won’t be enough to convince health “I think they want to see Ms. Redford keep her promise for an independent judicial inquiry, to provide that safe environment for them to come forward knowing they’re not going to be bullied or punished for it.”professionals to come forward to testify about episodes of alleged coercion.

Newly minted Liberal leader Raj Sherman also weighed in,
“She has flip-flopped, she is ducking and hiding. Albertans need answers. Unless somebody is held accountable and ample evidence is brought forward, we’re not going to get to the truth.”
Not even a month since her election as leader, she's flipped flopped on holding a fall session of the legislature, transmission lines, now waffling on the judicial inquiry.  What's next?  How can we trust her?

She was going to represent change. Do things differently.  It looks like the same old,same old to me!