Ron Paul Will Surge In Polls, And Win

As US President Ron Paul will:
-End crony capitalism (no more bailouts/pandering to large banks et. al)
-End the fed (the printing of money; debasing our currency; debt bubbles)
-Shrink Government (1 Trillion!!!)
-End useless restrictive regulation (free the market, small business, middle class will prosper)
-Bring US troops home (no more useless wars, increase national security)
-Protect liberty and freedoms of the people (build the middle class)

He's got 35 years of integrity and credibility supporting him with 1 message. When he was laughed at, he stuck to it. He's not a sell out. He puts his principles first, and he's right.  I support Ron Paul.

We can't go Greece...that leads to destruction. We can go Ron Paul...that leads to prosperity.
It may hurt getting back on track, as the US dug a deep hole, but fight he shall.

Ron Paul, for the win.  Occupy wall street, jump on board, he's your man.