My home and native land: Not a heck of a lot wrong, compared to the rest.

How we look to the rest of the world:

World's happiest countries                 8th best      (USA  14th)
Economic Freedom                           6th best      (USA    9th)
Life Expectancy                               11th best      (USA  36th)
Freedom from corruption                   6th best     (USA  22nd)
Out of thousands of banks,
Canada's big five and the Caisse Desjardins are counted with the fifty safest.

It's nice to know when there's a maelstrom of scary financial news sweeping into Europe, the USA and more.   It's nice to know despite our shortcomings.  (Didn't  Canada used to come in behind the USA and wasn't the USA a little further up the lists?)

        Canada - a good place to live.