Reasons Why We Lost: Ego

There are four other Liberals running for the Speaker position as of this writing.

So either he thinks he can beat four other Liberal MPP's in a government where Liberals are the first party, or he thinks Dalton will kibosh these four, aggravating tensions within the Liberal caucus and ruining Dalton's vision of a Legislature that Moves Forward Together, or he doesn't care if he wins. If he does win, every single bill passed by McGuinty will bear his greasy fingerprints. Whatever the justification, if there is a justification, the ultimate reason is the same: Ego.

Frank Klees has forgotten that the leader leads, and everyone else follows. Maybe he didn't ever accept that. It's clear he doesn't accept that he is not leader of the party and that he probably won't ever be leader. It's clear he isn't concerned about the feelings of the people who voted for him, voted with him in caucus, and supported him in his leadership bids. Dalton can't possibly relish the thought of having this guy decide whether he moves forward with his agenda or not.

But there's a bigger problem here: This man made it to the third round of voting in 2009. Were people not aware of what kind of an individual this man was and is, or did they just get swept up in their own vision of what a conservative looks like? And if enough people in our party can be fooled into voting for this guy to almost vault him into the leadership, then how do we all individually decide that we have the golden idea, and that our own Conservative Principles are enough to get Ontarians to vote for us?

Here's the thing people- none of us, myself included, have the answers for how to get back on top in this province yet, because if we did, we'd be there. That's what these posts are about- trying to find the answer. Frank Klees thought he had the answer, and now he's getting crap rained on him- and all for what?

Both Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath had maintained their members would not seek the prestigious $152,914-a-year post of speaker — which includes a lavish suite of offices and a private apartment at Queen’s Park — for fear of undercutting their own odds of defeating McGuinty when the time is right.

Mmm-hmm. But I don't want Klees to be kicked out of the party. That would be letting my ego run away with me. I want him to lose, and then sit without a critic post, for however long he decides to stay there, alone, without any support from the people he betrayed.

We need fewer Franks, and more people who will put their egos aside for the good of the party.