Not that disappointed with Ontario Election

On the positive side, the federal government is in charge of the transfer funds mostly contributed by conservatve Alberta.

Furthermore, the Progressive Conservative party gained 12 seats. NDP 7. In essence, the Liberals lost 19 seats which included 4 ministers = Liberal minority of 53 seats. Vote share: Liberals 37.62 — PC 35.43 — NDP 22.73

The total number of votes was the lowest since I don't know when. Maybe, too many people were fed up with three major elections within a year.

From day one, privately I thought perhaps a minority PC, a majority was shooting high with a basically unknown and inexperienced PC leader, who by the way, I didn't vote for yet sided with. To me it would have been better with PC for Ontario than Premier Papa and his regime, but the teachers and other public sector unions and employees thought things were okay. At least in my area PC Julia Munro and Frank Klees won by landslides.

Frankly, I wonder who of the NDP or PC will cross over for a plum position such as the Minister of the Environment and cake?

What a picture of the Liberal provinces. Quebec has the mafia and other criminal organizations colluding with construction companies, government bureaucrats. Ontario has the public sector unions that paid for all those ads without entire consent of union members; and not transparent with their books to the public. British Colombia has pot growers, imported hard drugs, injection clinics, and gang bangers fighting for turf and more...

What's your opinion? Of course, some will state get rid of Who-Dat.

If you wish to check your riding check Elections Ontario:

A clarification by Ted Betts, a reader of the weblog that deserved including on this piece rather than in the comment section, because he might be correct.

Just a small correction:

"On the positive side, the federal government is in charge of the transfer funds mostly contributed by conservatve Alberta."

That is actually not true in any way. Not even close.

The Canadian federal government budgeted in 2009-10 nearly $60 billion to transfer to the provinces and territories. (Which last year's federal (cough cough) "austerity" budget increased by $6.7 billion.)

There is no question that Alberta carries more than it's share in federal tax revenue. At least in the last two decades. Just like Ontario has for, well, since Confederation up until recently.

The total amount of revenue from Alberta taxpayers is only about $14 billion. That is an awesome amount and an enormous contribution to Confederation and has helped Canadians across the country, including back to Alberta don't forget. But clearly the "transfer funds mostly contributed by conservatve Alberta" is not the case.

Ontarians contribute somewhere between $40 and $60 billion. So about 3 times as much.

Also implicit in the statement is that Albertans are treated differently. They are not. Everyone pays the same federal taxes, whether it is GST or income tax. A rich or middle class Nova Scotian is paying more toward that equalization than a poor Alberta farmer, and getting far less back individually.

Did some checking and Ted Betts is a lawyer, with one of the notable law firms, and he has a weblog.

Hence, I assume he is liberal. I sent an email to him to verify and thank him for his clarification.