Support raw milk food freedom fighter on hunger strike

Food freedom fighter Michael Schmidt has gone on a hunger strike after the Ontario Court of Justice reversed a lower court decision and found Mr. Schmidt guilty of crimes related to the distribution of raw milk. Mr. Schmidt had started a business where people who wanted access to raw milk could own part of a cow and thus be allowed to drink the milk directly from that cow. The government disapproved of this business and thus has taken action to shut it down.

This is an issue about individuals deciding what they can put into their own bodies of their own free will. You may not be interested in consuming raw milk (I’m not) but you should be interested in preventing the government from interfering with that decision. For that reason I ask that you participate in this Saturday’s Money Bomb and support Mr. Schmidt’s fight for food freedom.

From the Canadian Constitution Foundation's Facebook event:

This Saturday will mark the 30th day Michael has been fasting on his hunger strike.

Let's have a moneybomb fundraiser to support Michael and help defend him.

We have so many people in our facebook group, if most us gave only 5$, we could easily raise over 15,000$ !!

Another suggested donation is $30 for each day he's been fasting.

Use this link to donate:

Please share this event with all your friends who care about food freedom, and publicize it too!