Underground Empire in China with Nuclear Weapons...

Foreign Affairs is one of my major interests, particularly what is happening in Asia, the Far East, specifically China. I have written and posted several comments with factual links on the weblog. One just has to type in one word in the search-box then scroll for some input. It seems many in Taiwan read the comments. I hope they understand and appreciate sarcasm, yet seriousness.

This latest input about China intrigues me. The Chinese have built 3000 miles of tunnels for arsenals and security. Mao started during his regime phase; the beginning of an underground empire. Tunnels are a history of China. At present, evidently, the 2nd Artillery Corps of the People's Liberation Army are building tunnels.

The democratic nations thought there were about 300 to 400 nuclear weapons. But why so many connected tunnels? A home in case there is an attack? Pundits think that they have many more arsenals, in the thousands.

They found this out when an earthquake collapse exposed concrete, the kind which indicated tunnels.

I heard this on one of my favourite American Talk Radio programs, John Batchelor of 770AM WABC.

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