Flashback: Same-Sex Marriage Under A Chretien Majority

So it seems like the usual twits in the media have taken a great anti-bullying video by some Conservative cabinet ministers and MP's and still managed to turn it into some pathetic anti-Conservative editorial. The Star's Tim Harper is the latest pathetic moron to write a similar story. First, kudos for all those involved in the videos. Now let's take a look at the mindlessly numbing left-wing partisans who saw fit to criticize what should be a positive story:

Dan Savage "“But it’s going to take more than a video to undo the damage done by Vic Toews and Canada’s conservatives. This was, quite literally, the least Vic and his fellow conservatives could do. The very least.”

NDP'er Randall Garrison "“You can’t do these [videos] if you’re not an out, gay person.”

Both should hang their heads in shame for making such appalling comments. Does Garrison also feel the same way about all those professional athletes making similar videos? Sorry, straight professional athletes?

But for me, the real icing on the cake was comments from gay Liberal MP Scott Brison."Liberal Scott Brison charged the Conservatives “have fought and voted against every advancement of gay rights in Canada, from pension benefits to marriage to transgender rights.’’

To put things into perspective, Brison might want to look at the history of his own party. The Liberals, who enjoyed three majority governments from 1993 until 2004, could have simply passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the house regardless of how the other parties voted.

"In 1999, the House of Commons overwhelmingly passed a resolution to re-affirm the definition of marriage as "the union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others".[41] The following year this definition of marriage was included in the revised Bill C-23, the Modernization of Benefits and Obligations Act 2000, which continued to bar same-sex couples from full marriage rights."

Wonder how Brison or these trash journalists feel about a Chretien majority voting down same-sex marriage. Also noteworthy is the fact 32 Liberal MP's voted against Bill C-38, with 3 more being absent to try and save their asses in the next election. Of course Chretien never even voted on Bill C-38, instead choosing to place it on Paul Martin's lap alongside Adscam.