She's Not Even The Premier Yet...

But she has already reversed her position on not having a Legislative session. Has she reversed her 107 million dollar give away to the teachers union? No way! From the looks of things she might even be worse than Steady Eddie.

I think Peter's Principle is at work here...she has been elevated to her position of incompetence. She is a lawyer, her present husband is a lawyer, and her ex-husband is a lawyer, can you say disaster for Alberta?

How much damage can she do to our economy in a year, before we have an election? We need to be vocal about anything she does that will harm our economy. Lawyers do not understand the economy or business. Any eco-friendly initiatives need to be examined and voted down if they harm our ability to succeed. Does she support the pipelines to Texas and BC? I have no clue because personally I couldn't care about this phony election dictated by Liberal and NDP voters. They stuck us with Stelmach last time and now we are stuck with a pinko.

Redford met last week with Alberta Teachers’ Association brass before announcing an almost-immediate $107 million boost to education funding.
Running a distant second to favourite Gary Mar, Redford closed the gap and eventually won the leadership early Sunday morning.
Whether the move to pacify the teachers resulted in many of them buying $5 Tory memberships to put her over the top may never be known.
But Alberta Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith says it’s another indication the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta has lost its way.

Alberta is leading this country in economic development. Does this elitist understand Albertans? Does  she understand the oilsands development? Is she going to be listening to all her Liberal/NDP/union buddies and change the royalty structure? She is already pandering to the teachers union, so I am not too confident about the direction she will be leading Alberta.

The smart PC MLA's will abandon the drowning PC party and flock to the Wildrose, but maybe Wildrose would be smart to reject the soon to be unelected. Like the undead, they only hang around and create trouble.

REDford is already a failure by reversing her decision to not call the Legislature back and by pandering to the teachers union. A sad, bad start.