EU (European Nations) is envious of Canada...

A right-minded person might conclude that the EU is jealous of Canada. Forbes rated Canada number one in business. Then there are the resources such as oil sands which they do not have. The Europeans rely on importing from the Middle East and Russia.

Thus, the envious EU decides to rank Canada as one of the highest carbon options. But Canada does not export Ethical Oil from the oil sands to Europe.

Do you think the Russians and OPEC members of totalitarian nations — some are experiencing revolutions that might fall in the hands of the Muslim brotherhoods — perhaps influenced the European politicians and bureaucrats?

EU have the nerve of calling the oil sands dirtier. They threaten the negotiations of Free Trade. They think Canada will cave in, because Obama and his czars have in certain areas, to a point.

But, Canada has stalwart ministers such as Joe Oliver of Natural Resources; plus a great Statesman and Prime Minister in The Right Honourable Stephen Harper.

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