Occupying Traffic

For a protest movement that seeks to grow public support for their anti-capitalism rhetoric, these clowns seem unable to grasp the simple concept that if you block traffic to force people to take notice, you will inevitably piss off far more people than you'll impress. Today the Occupy Toronto people began occupying vital intersections creating traffic havoc in Canada's largest city, because nothing wins hearts and minds quite like sitting in gridlock. I'm not sure how your movement can claim to represent 99% of people when your actions are only going to upset the 93% who have jobs and just want to get home from work.

All those idle car engines are pumping extra exhaust into the atmosphere, damaging the city's already poor air quality...and the greenhouse gases!!!??? Are the occupy protesters trying to destroy the planet? It seems as though they would rather spread misery and destruction instead of creating a Utopian society in Karl Marx's image.