Into the Unknown

I have no idea what's going to happen. Nobody does.

I will merely repeat a few words before the electorate passes their judgement.

1. Based on my discussions with people on the ground and with the central campaign, if the PC Party gets out their vote, they will win.

2. Voting for the PC Party of Ontario is the only way to stop Dalton McGuinty. Doing anything other than voting PC says that you think Dalton McGuinty deserves another term in government, because that is what your vote or lack of vote is contributing to.

3. Polls, more so in this election than in any other, have been proven to be misleading garbage. Within the space of three days there have been polls suggesting a tie, a Liberal majority, and a PC lead. At least one and possibly all of these polling companies are going to end up looking very stupid tomorrow.

4. The PC Party is trying to defeat a two term incumbent Premier backed by a gang of unions. This is extremely difficult under the best of circumstances.

5. The NDP will likely split the vote in interesting ways. Mostly, in ways that benefit the PC Party.

6. John Tory led the PC Party to a frankly disgusting result four years ago, after a frankly disgusting campaign, and despite loud screams for his head (some of which, full disclosure, came from me), he was not removed from office after a leadership review.

7. Quick and easy answers for why we got the result that we will get are likely wrong.

8. Anything other than a massive majority for the Liberals constitutes a victory of some measure for us, given all of the above.

And that's it.