107 Million For This????

Shocking, or not so shocking news that Alberta's new Premier is "potentially" in bed with the teachers union.

Who would have guessed that her sudden rise in the polls was not suspicious?

All those supporters of more money for education should read this little tidbit.

High school students who wrote Grade 12 diploma exams had disappointing results, said board officials Wednesday.
In six out of 11 categories, including English, social studies, and math, students’ scores were below the provincial average.
Officials say only 66% of Grade 12 students who took the applied math 30 test met “acceptable” standards, while 74% of Grade 12s province-wide made the grade.
 Will the 107 million make our teachers better at actually teaching our students reading, writing, and math? The teacher's union needs to stop it's political activism and start teaching our children the essential courses they will need to excel as adults.......not sex ed.

Speaking of sex ed, here is a prime example of why teachers do not deserve more money.

Erotic educator draws fire.

If this pervert doesn't get fired, we will all understand how corrupt the teachers unions really are! 107 million for underachieving teachers? I think not.

To top it all off, unions are spending millions of dollars to get Dalton re-elected in Ontario, (Alberta was cheap, just $5 per member, no advertising needed.) but they refuse to open their books up to the public and their own members.

Unimpressed with a Tory private member’s bill demanding unions publicly disclose their financial statements, Jim Stanford is accusing Stephen Harper’s government of “dog whistle” politics.
“Blowing a whistle that only the dogs can hear (i.e. the Conservatives’ red-meat base) while allowing the leadership to stand back and look statesmanlike,” the Canadian Autoworkers Union told The Globe in an email, explaining what he thinks is really behind the bill. 
 Unions, especially teachers unions, are involving themselves in elections by advertising and even bringing kids to political protests. This is wrong. They are supposed to be educating our children, teaching them skills to survive adulthood, but they are more interested in sex-ed than math. As taxpayers, we need to call them out on their advocacy of all things lefty. They are damaging our kids. Parents are not even a consideration for teachers, they have our young ones, and they don't want to let them go until they have shaped them into tiny little robots in their images.  

This most stop. The rules for donating to political parties needs to be changed.  REDford is already damaged goods, her pandering to unions is not illegal, but it shows a distinct lack of class.

UPDATE: The "erotic educator" has resigned in disgrace. Did he not think before he wrote an erotic sex book for teens?