ER Weirdness

So, my poor bf has had another round with a strange bacteria that has infiltrated a cut finger and caused havoc the past couple of days. But what I really just cannot figure out is why, when going back day after day to the same ER ward in the same small city hospital, they don't seem to keep records handy of what medication they themselves ordered. The day before. I just don't get it!

A month ago, the infection was in a little sore on his neck. It was incredibly painful. The ER doc ordered the medication and said to keep coming back every day to have it checked, repacked, drained, etc etc. But every single day when signing in, the nurse would tap on her computer and then ask if he was on any medication. Um... duh? Yeah.. the stuff you guys gave me yesterday. Nurse says 'What is it called?'. Patient says 'well I cant remember, it's one Ive never heard of, but the prescription was written up for me here yesterday'.... You'd think it would be on file? I don't know... so then we guess and try to remember. Yes Yes I know, the doc says to bring a list of your medications to appts so you don't forget anything. But if HE prescribed it, it's in his file. Why not at the ER? My doc types my name into his computer and a big long list of everything I've been on since 2004 pops up. The only things he wouldnt necessarily have on file are things I might have had at a walkin clinic, if the files were not forwarded to him... but this is the same ER, the same window to sit at, and even the same doctor was on call every single day for 5 days - and guess what he asked every single time as well. 'What medication did I give you?'. What? Geezus. I did bring it the following times of course, so they could see the name and dose for themselves - but why isnt it in their system for easy retrieval regardless, esp when a patient is told to come back day after day.

And now it's happening again. He went in yesterday morning and was hooked up with a home IV pack and the nurses got and prepared 16 vials of this medication, each one with the name taped to it... And he was told to come back today in case they needed to do some more. Okay so he goes back tonight, not thinking and throwing all the vials in the garbage before he left - only to have to text me to ask me to DIG IN THE GARBAGE for the medication name because they did not have it on file! We thought maybe there was some laziness involved last time. But nope! The medication is not in his file nor are his previous ER visits for the neck infection. What is going on with this? I do not understand that.

So after my dumpster diving, I texted the name and dosage of the medication back to him and they sent him home with 16 more vials of it. Totally crackers system this is. He told them that he threw the vials away and they said they needed to know so they could give him the same stuff again cos it appeared to be working well.... he said 'Isnt it on my file?' and she looked around and said no. It just doesnt make sense to me at all. A doc orders a prescription, nurses prepare it after the dispensary sends it down to them, and then no one writes it on a file or taps it into a computer? It's just bonkers.