Tories Doing What They Said They'd Do

Now that the Conservatives have been elected by Canadians to a majority government, they are passing legislation that they campaigned on, which got them elected. Tough on crime, scrap the gun registry, scrap subsidies for political parties, no forced membership in the Wheat Board, etc, etc, all promises made well before Canadians elected them to a majority government. Now individual Premiers are revolting against this legislation, which seems odd considering the federal government was elected on promises to do exactly what they are doing. Just because left wing journalists are opposing Tory policies, that doesn't mean the current Conservative government does not have a mandate from the people enact these policies.

Seriously, how can you attack a government doing exactly what they said they'd do when they were elected to run the country? Are Tory MPs terrible people because they moved to scrap the gun registry? That's what they said they'd do, and people voted for them. Accept the mandate! It was the same thing with Mike Harris. I've talked to left leaning friends from Ontario about Iron Mike, and while they might not have always agreed with him, they all acknowledge that at least he did what he said he'd do during the campaign where the people elected him. He was very unpopular with the left, but was still re-elected to a 2nd term. I think sometimes we forget that after 4 years of Harris, Ontario wanted 4 more.